The Pre- Kinder room offers  learning spaces for up to 25 children and shares an adjoining bathroom with our Kinder room, whilst also having nappy change facilities. This age tends to have different needs regarding toileting, rest and relaxation, our routines incorporate these needs and begin giving children opportunities for choice within the routines and about their own needs.

We know that children are beginning to share with us and their world who they are and what their interests are, to support this our learning environment offers self-selection experiences based on the children’s needs and interests within the room. Our program offers a range activities including sensory, imaginative, construction, art and natural play.

At this age children are beginning to seek their independence and our educators work to support them in doing so. Our educators will create environments and routine moments which assist them to build skills and be independent through self serving meals, drink stations, dressing selves and applying own sunscreen.